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 February 4, 2011
  Netfile and 2D barcode of our UDoTaxes2010, the Canadian personal income tax preparation software, has been certified by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). Now the newest version has been released. For details, please check the CRA official's web-site.
 January 7, 2011
  Netfile of our UDoTaxes2010, the personal income tax preparation software, has been certified at Step 1 by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). A pre-certified release is available for download at UDoTaxes web-site.
 April 1, 2010
  Our supplier chain management (SCM) system for our Japanese client's factory in China launched today, which is based on our previous ERP system ABL-E for production management.

1. Operational Expertise

(1) Insurance Agents Management System

By participating in a large agency system, a new banking agency OTC system, we are familiar with the daily operational expertise of the agency.

Over the past 8 years, systems of 30 agencies were customized, from which proprietary know-how of agencies work is acquired.

(2) Production Management Core System

With development experience of 7 years production management system orders, we grasped the general business know-how of ordering, purchasing, manufacturing, etc.

(3) ERP System for Factory

Production management system package ABL-E is owned.

Based on the know-how of production management system, we implemented an ERP system for a Japanese factory in China in 2008, with which we won the contract to build the new system out of two leading companies.

Tailed to the realities of China with a focus on production management, we showed strong ability to offer implementation consulting service, especially of Japanese-style management system for companies in the local manufacturing base in China, and of communication and know-how of business operations and technologies. During the system introducing at each stage, we are proficient in the unique Chinese process of advancing projects, providing services from proposing system solutions to introducing and supporting.

(4) Canadian Personal Income Tax Preparation Software

The Canadian personal income tax act is composed of the federal and provincial tax act. Because of the independence of each province, the number of forms of tax declarations is over 200, which results in a very complex tax system. From 2006, we developed our own software for Canadian personal income tax preparation. The software was certified by the government for 4 continuous years since then.

2. Technology Know-How

(1) Building J2EE Web Application

We developed our own framework. Based on the basic framework of industry-leading J2EE Spring framework, we have the experience of constructing multiple large WEB systems by promoting development efficiency, eliminating programming bugs, and easy maintenance.

Meanwhile, we also used middle-wares, such as WebSphere, WebLogic, DB2, Oracle, from installation to tuning.

(2) Using Java SWT to Build Desktop applications

By using Java SWT to build desktop application, multiple operation systems (Windows, Mac, Linux) are supported. The utilization of resource bundle maximizes the software asset.

(3) Analyzing and Processing of PDF Files

We know how to analyze, abstract, and process each element property defined in PDF files, including user-defined tags, automatic calculation of object coordinates, etc.

(4) Designing Algorithms

We did a range of researches, from calculation of complex tax forms, to production scheduling and planning, which is a Job-Shop Scheduling (JSS) problem, using extended genetic algorithm with production priorities.

(5) With Various Information Technologies

For different projects, our intelligent staffs are able to choose the most suitable programming language, among COBOL, VC++, VB, C, etc, under multiple operation systems such Windows, Unix/Linux.

3. Summary

Our staffs have the living and working experience in China, Japan, and Canada. By catching up with the latest evolving technologies continuously, we aim to carry out our business in tri-lingual.

Until now, our company, with elite minorities, have received the customer evaluations of high performance and professional team.

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