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 February 4, 2011
  Netfile and 2D barcode of our UDoTaxes2010, the Canadian personal income tax preparation software, has been certified by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). Now the newest version has been released. For details, please check the CRA official's web-site.
 January 7, 2011
  Netfile of our UDoTaxes2010, the personal income tax preparation software, has been certified at Step 1 by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). A pre-certified release is available for download at UDoTaxes web-site.
 April 1, 2010
  Our supplier chain management (SCM) system for our Japanese client's factory in China launched today, which is based on our previous ERP system ABL-E for production management.

Insurance Agency Management System
     Agency agency management system package

  • Centralized management of loss of health contracts, with strong name identification function
  • Unified house-front management of families and cooperations
  • Business support of functions for other kinds of sales through deep development
  • Security can be set by processing of each business so that all actions are recorded in access log

Vechile Registration Management System
      Business service performed by agencies of Japan's leading auto insurance

  • Web application developed by Java
  • Importing data into the system from branches using GUI
  • Ability to schedule the processing of vechicle registration check and generation of warning list, automatically start and view results
  • Message sending reports of errors or warnings by fax automatically to each branch
  • Automatically creation of samplings for registration verification by the bureau of motor vehicles, and application OCR
  • Automatically calculation of actual results and creating invoices
  • Ability to send bulk e-mail to customers subject to certain conditions, such as maturing insurance

Management System of Total Insurance Package for Franchise Stores
     Japan's largest convenience store insurance management system

  • Web application developed by Java
  • Total management of general insurances for each store owner, staff, crew
  • General insurance management of store properties. Possible to add options, and select free designs of insurance patterns
  • Data import of group treatment insurance; creation of application data and checklist
  • Checkoff of premium deduction from salary of each store employee
  • Annual insurance batch updating
  • Issuing specific certificates using SSL with high security

Management System of Special Group Insurance
      Comprehensive management system for group insurance for employees of major Japanese trading group

  • Web application developed by Java
  • Comprehensive group insurance package that combines 5 categories, such as injury, liability, baggage, income amends, and golfer
  • Subscribers can submit new, renew due to expiration, or confirm contents from online
  • Automatic calculation of customized plan with specified number of subscriptions, premium and contents
  • The estimation and progress of each application step can be checked and updated at any time
  • Generation of transfer data to insurance company's host system which provides insurances

Production Management Core System
     A production core system for a Japanese leading electronic maker in Kansai

  • Web application developed by Java
  • Covering all aspects of factory business from orders, ordering, purchasing, manufacturing, shipping, etc
  • Tracking trace information from shipping lot management to manufacturing lot management
  • Working with GSF system, a third-party software, to import production schedules automatically
  • Automatic execution of scheduled processes such as batch, sending data by FTP, etc

ERP Core System (Owned Customized ABL-E System)
     ERP core system for a large Japanese EMS factory in Guangdong, China

  • Web application developed by Java
  • Covering all aspects of factory business from orders, ordering, purchasing, manufacturing, shipping, etc
  • Material setup inspection system for SMT production line
  • Convenient real-time operations by using handy-terminals when moving materials in and out
  • Execution of MRP at any time, to flexibly process urgent order changes
  • Traceability of materials for each serial number of finished goods

UDoTaxes  (Owned)
     Canadian personal income tax preparation software

  • Netfile and 2D Barcode have been certified by CRA for 4 continuous years
  • Using original styles for forms
  • Simple operation to file tax!
  • Save contents of tax return as PDF files
  • Internationalization (except for standard forms)
  • Security protection for tax declaration

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