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 February 4, 2011
  Netfile and 2D barcode of our UDoTaxes2010, the Canadian personal income tax preparation software, has been certified by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). Now the newest version has been released. For details, please check the CRA official's web-site.
 January 7, 2011
  Netfile of our UDoTaxes2010, the personal income tax preparation software, has been certified at Step 1 by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). A pre-certified release is available for download at UDoTaxes web-site.
 April 1, 2010
  Our supplier chain management (SCM) system for our Japanese client's factory in China launched today, which is based on our previous ERP system ABL-E for production management.

Eightside Software Consulting Ltd. was established in 2003, which locates in Vancouver, Canada, the most beautiful city in the world. With the concept of contributing to the society, satisfying customers, and enhancing employers' life, and with the cooperation with customers, company and staff upon global business, we named the company "Eightside" for those good wills.

As a belief of "Best Cooperation!", which we always state, we strive to become good partner that solves business issues of our customers.

Because time always changes dramatically, we take close look at and respond to details in any situations by offering education and training of technologies of next generations. We would like to further expand these activities continuously and move forward with the growth of customers.

We expect your supports and thank you for patronage in the future.

UDoTaxes is a Canadian personal income tax preparation software. It makes personal tax declaration using friendly user interface that is easy to understand and operate. After generating the Netfile, the declaration process can be done by uploading it to the web-site of the government!
A production management system, which is constructed based on our own J2EE framework ABLE-Base.
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